Top 10 pet peeves from librarians

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Top 10 pet peeves from librarians

Librarians are the most patient people in the world. They have to deal with so many humans of all ages during the day, so they tend to have the best stories to tell. I was reading some crazy comments on reddit the other day, some of them being too uncensored to write. I decided to gather the most common ones and share them with you.

Here are the Librarians Top Ten Pet Peeves

1-The things they find in books

I’ve read crazy stories, from tampons, socks, bacon and more. People tend to forget that books are sacred! Next time make sure your food doesn’t fall in the pages of those beautiful words that people took hours to write.

2-People refereeing to books as “boy books” “girl books”

This may sound like a surprise for you, but books do not have genders. Some people would even roll their eyes when a Librarian gets a confused face when they encounter these types of questions.

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3-Weird things in the book drop

Book drops are, well, they are for books. Finding your Tim Hortons donut and donations are not acceptable. Well, maybe donations.

4-When people do not push their chairs in at the tables or computers

I’m so guilty on this! I never noticed this, but it’s seems to be a big thing for librarians. Having the furniture set up how it supposed to, will keep the space organized and clean for the next visitor. Be respectful to others and push that chair in.

5-When people move furniture and don’t bring it back

This is similar as the previous one, but some people go beyond and move chairs from one space to another. If you do that, please, bring that sit back to where belongs.

6-When people decide to make a facetime/skype dates

People go to libraries for different reasons. One of them is to concentrate. If you miss your mom, please call her when you are at home. People do not want to listen to your personal conversations and also do not want to be recorded on camera.

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7-When people get upset because the internet is slow

As a millennial, I understand your frustration, however, it is not the Librarians fault that the internet is slow. You have a problem with that? Choose another place.

8-When parents leave their kids unattended

Librarians are there to support us, but not to babysit. Please do not leave your kindergarten daughter in charge of your toddler. You need to be with your kids ALL the time. Also, make sure to clean up the mess (if any) after.

9-Leaving books randomly in the stacks

Yes, it happens that you find a better book that the one you got. Take the new book, and please bring the other one back. 

10-When people bring food/drinks and leave them there

Do you have any idea of how many left overs people leave in the tables at the library? It is not a cafeteria people! 

If you are a Librarian, what is your biggest pet peeve? Leave in the comments!

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