Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

School’s in for the summer! After 18 months of uncertainty and disruption in our classrooms and libraries, we’re delighted to see a return to normality as we meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we enter a ‘new normal’ in education, JMC Design shares just a few reasons why you should hire an interior designer in 2021. Read the full blog below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more interior insights!

When it comes to planning out Canada’s classrooms and libraries, design normally comes as an afterthought. This often results in bland, boring spaces that stem concentration and slow productivity. By hiring a professional interior designer, schools and colleges can avoid those pitfalls, creating happy, healthy spaces in which to work, learn and grow. From spatial planning to furniture selection, there’s so many reasons to hire a design pro…


Future-Proof Your Learning Environment


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The teaching landscape has transformed. Whilst we are making great strides in the fight against COVID-19, public health advice suggests using interior design as a line of defence against the virus. Aside from incorporating hand wash stations and protective screening into your classroom or library layout, there’s lots of things an interior designer can do to make your space as safe as possible.

Ventilation, for example, is key. Interior designers at JMC Design can plan your classroom or library in a way that prioritises strong levels of ventilation, placing desks and other key locations in areas of strong, clean and consistent air circulation. Another consideration is social distancing and reduced class sizes – a challenge which can be met by using dynamic classroom design. This means positioning desks in secure, yet social spaces, whilst recommending furniture that is easily washed and easily adaptable to changing requirements.


Save on Costs, Time and Hassle 


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Hiring an interior designer often means making big savings on cost, time and hassle. One of the most important parts to bear in mind here is how an interior designer can keep your project on-budget. Whilst this means making recommendations within your price range, it also means getting expert advice on when to splurge and when to save. Working with an experienced designer takes account of all these considerations, making sure you don’t run out of money mid-project.

Now, let’s talk about the hassle saved in hiring an interior designer. Deciding on a design, colour and layout can represent a stressful part of the job, with furniture selection usually representing a major task in itself. All of those things pushed far-down your to-do list will be picked up by a designer that is experienced and up for the job. When in doubt, delegate to a designer!


Inject Character Into Your Classroom


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Gone are the days when classrooms were dull, drab centres of boredom. Interior design has transformed our approach to classrooms, with a greater focus on comfort, productivity and user welfare than ever before. The result has been a huge decline in bleak, grey classrooms and an increase in classrooms that are colourful, vibrant and bouncing with character. Whilst questions like colour may seem insignificant, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, colour schemes are directly related to emotions and educational performance, as discussed in our previous blog

Injecting colour and character into your classroom involves more than just a lick of paint, however. Interior designers can make a number of recommendations around seating, desking and soft storage to bring out the very best of your space. Here at JMC, we’re lucky to have our pieces designed in-house by some of Canada’s leading interior experts. When it comes to maximising the potential of a space, designers know what they’re doing!


Creative Collaboration 


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When you hire an interior designer, it’s essential to note that they will work with you. Whilst an interior designer can take responsibility for an entire project, many excel when it comes to creative collaboration. This can mean sharing ideas on design, layout and colour schemes, or working together to propose suitable furnishings for your classroom or library.

Collaborating with an interior designer can bring out the very best in your available space. Nobody understands your space better than you. Similarly, few people are better placed to make solid recommendations than an experienced and talented interior designer. 

Work with Interior Designers at JMC Today

Design doesn’t have to be dull. Here at Jonathan Morgan & Company, we prioritise spaces that bring out the best in their users. To work with some of Canada’s most experienced interior designers, get in touch today for a free consultation!


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