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Our schools and teachers are shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Our schools and teachers are shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Whilst teaching and information exchange play a critical role in developing Canada’s youngest minds, the educational environment itself is crucial when it comes to delivering a total educational experience. Here at Jonathan Morgan & Company, our experienced team of classroom & interior designers offer the expertise and inventory your school needs to support and encourage the kind of learning that is key to any science class.


Years of experience in the design & building of happy, productive learning environments has taught us a thing or two about what makes a successful school laboratory. We use our understanding to create practical science laboratories that allow pupils to fully immerse themselves in the subject, with our creative layouts and furniture selection facilitating lessons that are stimulating and of equal benefit to students & teachers alike.


Stimulating science lessons allow children to experience scientific progression first-hand, witnessing and taking part in the most exciting hands-on elements of this exhilarating curriculum.Practitioners can feel confident in their workspace and this is then projected into lessons, establishing a better learning environment for all.

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School Laboratory Design by Canada’s Foremost Experts

Expert school laboratory design allows your students to get fully involved in science curriculum; experiencing practical science in a way that is safe, social and always memorable.


JMC brings together the skill and experience to make that goal a reality. We pioneer fresh, modern and flowing school laboratories that allow all users to feel confident and safe in the space they’re in. Creating such a space allows true inspiration in the classroom, creating a better educational experience for all. With laboratories representing a significant investment in any school, why settle for less?


Forget cold, clinical and boring school laboratory spaces. We are experts in creating unique spaces that highlight your school’s individuality, whilst still offering those core components required to deliver any science curriculum. From spatial planning and classroom layouts to furniture considerations like stools and durable work surfaces, you can count on us to give your students and teachers the space they deserve.

Laboratory Design Consultation

Creating your brand new school laboratory begins with a personalised and totally free consultation with the team at Jonathan Morgan & Company. We conduct on-site visits to assess your available space, using our expertise to create a plan that works within the spatial, budgetary and operational requirements of your school. We take every consideration at this point to ensure that your laboratory can begin inspiring students immediately, taking key measurements to determine classroom flow and layout.


A key element of our consultation will explore options for flexibility and adaptability in your school lab. This means creating adequate spaces for individual practical experiments as well as for collaborative, group-focussed work. Fundamentally, we use this phase as an opportunity to ensure your laboratory takes a leading role in the delivery of science curriculum.

Laboratory Design & Planning

Once we’ve completed the consultation stage, we move onto one of the most exciting parts of the process: design & planning. We bring together our interior design team to design a science lab that allows for the comfortable delivery of both theoretical and practical components, proposing fresh facilities that are conducive to effective and productive learning. This means designing spaces for experiments; note taking and the drawing of diagrams: fundamental aspects of any school laboratory.


As part of our design & planning stage, we determine seating arrangements that provide a strong line of sight between pupil and teacher, whilst providing optimum visibility for the whole class around practical experiment areas. Across all stages of this process, we put safety and welfare first – an essential where chemicals and naked flames may be present.

School Laboratory Building & Installation

Once you’ve signed off on your choice of colours, materials, finishes and equipment, it’s time to make your new school laboratory a reality. Jonathan Morgan & Company’s team will be on-hand throughout this process, maintaining a presence on-site to complete all renovations & build outs. This includes all work on ceilings, floors and windows – along with any improvements to window treatments, information technology (IT) and security infrastructure.


We pride ourselves on our brisk pace, completing projects with some of Canada’s shortest lead times. Where new electricity or enhanced internet activity is required, we enlist the support of some of Canada’s leading contractors. When it comes to our work on school laboratories, only the best will do.

School Laboratory Furniture Supply

No school lab is complete without a set of sturdy, durable and easily washed furnishings. Here at JMC Design, we’re proud to stock furniture from some of Canada’s most experienced designers; with pieces available from top brands including JMC Furniture, Monarque & Furniture49.

Regardless of your requirements, we propose a collection of furniture which works in harmony with your school lab design. This includes lab stools, desks & chairs, bookcases, interactive whiteboards, mobile presentation stands, adjustable shelving & more. Here at JMC Design, we have all possible bases covered.

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Laboratory Design by Jonathan Morgan & Company

Laboratory Design services by Jonathan Morgan & Company have been chosen by schools, colleges and universities throughout Canada and beyond. To get started with your refreshed, reinvigorated scientific learning space, fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will get back to you.

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