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The world of education is changing.

School multipurpose rooms are an essential part of any educational institution. These versatile spaces serve as a hub for various activities such as assemblies, concerts, sports events, and even community gatherings. Therefore, the design of these rooms is crucial in providing a functional and welcoming environment for students, staff, and visitors. 


We use a combination of creativity and expertise to create a space that meets all your needs. From brainstorming sessions to the final touches, we’re with you every step of the way. Our team listens to your vision, takes into consideration your budget, and uses state-of-the-art technology to bring your dream to life. Whether you need a space for school assemblies, dances, or a classroom setting, we can help you maximize your square footage and create a space that truly works for you.

Multipurpose Room Design for Modern Educational Settings

Multipurpose rooms in schools are often the hub of activity, serving as both a space for student assemblies and events, as well as a facility for sports and physical activities. At our design firm, we understand the importance of creating a versatile and functional space that meets the diverse needs of school communities. Our team of experienced designers works closely with school administrators to understand their specific requirements and vision for the space. From creating flexible seating arrangements to incorporating state-of-the-art technology and audiovisual systems, we strive to create multipurpose rooms that inspire and enable students to learn, connect and thrive.

Multipurpose Room Design Consultation

Every school multipurpose room has its own individual requirements based on space, budget and operational needs. We bring this understanding forward with a free, expert consultation service that puts your brand new space first.


During the consultation stage, our expert team works with your school to determine how we can future-proof your space for the next generation of students. We put safety and comfort first, ensuring that the room is a showcase for what your school has to offer. We give consideration to the things that matter, from possible uses through to any necessary equipment, seating layout and the preferences of staff regarding the space.

Multipurpose Room Design & Planning

Once we’ve carried out all necessary consultations and a full evaluation of your space, we move onto the design & planning phase. At this stage, we give full visibility of your space’s design, giving key consideration to sub-angles and lighting as well as acoustics and sound insulation. We bring together all feasibility studies to produce a number of design concepts for you to choose from, proposing a unique space that facilitates conversation, comfort and even social distancing and hygienic security if required.


During the design & planning stage, we also complete your design with a full range of furnishings if required. This includes a range of soft-seating products with ergonomic use in mind. We invite teachers and school principals to get involved in selecting fabrics, finishes & materials, choosing the right vibe for their space. We even make your cafeteria design vision a reality with 2D & 3D visualisations and virtual fly-through renderings, meaning you can see your space before we get to work.

Multipurpose Room Furniture Supply

No multipurpose room is complete without a set of comfy, stylish and durable furnishings. Here at JMC Design, we’re proud to stock furniture from some of Canada’s most experienced designers; with pieces available from top brands including JMC Furniture, Monarque & Furniture49.

Regardless of your requirements, we propose a collection of furniture which works in harmony with your multipurpose room design. This includes tables, chairs, presentation stands and more

Multipurpose Room Projects

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