Sensory Room Design Services

The world of education is changing.

Our Sensory Classroom Design services are here to help you create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for students with diverse needs. We understand the importance of sensory classrooms in promoting optimal learning experiences for all students, especially those with sensory processing difficulties.


At JM&C Design Interiors, we understand the importance of sensory classrooms in promoting optimal learning experiences for all students, especially those with sensory processing difficulties.

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Sensory Room Design Services

A sensory classroom is designed to stimulate and engage all five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, in order to create a multi-sensory learning experience. This type of environment can benefit students by increasing their attention span, promoting active participation, reducing distractions, and overall improving their academic performance.


Here at JMC Design, our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in creating sensory-friendly classrooms that cater to the specific needs of your students. We work closely with educators, therapists, and parents to understand each student’s unique sensory needs and design a classroom that meets those needs.

Sensory Room Design Consultation

Our services include an initial consultation to assess the current classroom setup and identify areas for improvement. We then provide customized recommendations, such as incorporating sensory tools and equipment, creating designated quiet areas, and implementing visual aids to enhance learning.


Our team of experts will work with you to create a classroom that is inclusive, stimulating and supportive of all students. We take into consideration factors such as lighting, color schemes, noise levels, furniture placement and sensory tools in order to create an environment that fosters learning and development for everyone.


When it comes to designing a school sensory room, our approach focuses on collaboration with the school community. We understand that every school has its unique needs and objectives, which is why we work closely with teachers, students, and staff to create a custom design that meets all requirements.

Sensory Room Design & Planning

Once we’ve carried out all necessary consultations and a full evaluation of your space, we move onto the design & planning phase. At this stage, we give full visibility of your space’s design, giving key consideration to lighting, colours and movement opportunities.


During the design & planning stage, we also complete your design with a full range of furnishings if required. We invite teachers and school principals to get involved in selecting fabrics, finishes & materials, choosing the right vibe for their space. We even make your sensory room design vision a reality with 2D & 3D visualizations and virtual fly-through renderings, meaning you can see your space before we get to work.

Sensory Room Design Building & Installation

Once you’ve signed off on your choice of colours, materials, finishes and equipment, it’s time to make your new sensory room a reality. Jonathan Morgan & Company’s team will be on-hand throughout this process, maintaining a presence on-site to complete all renovations & build outs.


We pride ourselves on our brisk pace, completing projects with some of Canada’s shortest lead times. Where new electricity or enhanced internet activity is required, we enlist the support of some of Canada’s leading contractors. When it comes to our work on school sensory rooms, only the best will do.

Sensory Room Furniture Supply

No sensory classroom is complete without a set of comfy, stylish and durable furnishings. Here at JMC Design, we’re proud to stock furniture from some of Canada’s most experienced designers; with pieces available from top brands including JMC Furniture, Monarque & Furniture49.

Regardless of your requirements, we propose a collection of furniture which works in harmony with your sensory room design. This includes sensory tables, wall activities, rockers and more

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