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Staffroom design can make that critical difference between a dull workplace and an engaged workplace.

Jonathan Morgan & Company’s expert team of interior designers offer the experience and expertise required to create a staffroom that is comfortable, social and accessible to all. When it comes to creating a space for Canada’s fantastic teachers and educators, why settle for less?

A school’s staffroom is a truly unique space: an environment to exchange thoughts and ideas; to catch up and converse and to eat, drink and recharge the batteries. A distinctly separate area from classrooms, libraries and teaching environments; these rooms provide a vital space where teachers can take a well-earned rest. Giving teachers the space they deserve means the right kind of design and the right kind of furniture. Luckily, our staff room design services deliver just that.

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Canada’s Leading Staffroom Design Service

Forget dull and dreary staffrooms. Schools throughout Canada and beyond are coming to the realisation that staff areas are equally as important as classrooms.

A happy classroom starts with a happy teacher. Through bespoke and considered interior design, we ensure that the needs of all staff are met by creating kitchen, notice board and breakout areas that bring out the very best of space available.

When you work with JMC Design’s staffroom design services, you provide educators and leaders with the support and motivation they need to inspire our country’s youngest minds. From expertly devised colours schemes through to spatial planning, furniture selection and more, we’ve got your new school staffroom covered.

Staffroom Design Consultation

Upgrading and renovating your school’s staffroom has never been easier thanks to our free and totally personalised consultation service. Once you get in touch with our design team, we create a design and furnishing plan which is perfectly suited to your spatial and budgetary requirements.


Forget faceless customer service and unwanted surprises. As part of our staffroom design consultation service, we conduct on-site visits to get a true feel for your teacher’s wants, needs and educational ethos. When it comes to creating an awesome break space, we’ve found that asking the right questions is crucial!

Staffroom Design & Planning

Once we’ve carried out all on-site visits and finished up with our consultation, we move onto one of the most exciting phases of the project: design & planning. We design your perfect staffroom space by bringing together approved feasibility studies and a number of design concepts, proposing a thoughtful rest space that facilitates social interaction, rest and privacy from the rest of the school. This can include special considerations for issues such as cleaning, infection control and social distancing.


Our staffroom design services create recreational environments that are stylish, vibrant and packed with colour & character. We invite teachers and school principals to get involved in selecting fabrics, finishes & materials, choosing the right vibe for their space. We even make your staffroom design vision a reality with 2D & 3D visualisations and virtual fly-through renderings, meaning you can see your space before we get to work.

Staffroom Design Building & Installation

Once you’ve signed off on your choice of colours, materials, finishes and equipment, it’s time to make your new staffroom a reality. Jonathan Morgan & Company’s team will be on-hand throughout this process, maintaining a presence on-site to complete all renovations & build outs. Where new plumbing, electricity or ventilation is required, we enlist the support of some of Canada’s leading contractors. When it comes to our work, only the best will do.


JMC Design pledges to complete the installation of your staffroom at a rapid pace, minimising any potential disruption to teaching and other school activities. This includes all work on ceilings, floors and windows – along with any improvements to window treatments, information technology (IT) and security infrastructure.

Staffroom Furniture Supply

No staffroom is complete without a set of comfy, stylish and durable furnishings. Here at JMC Design, we’re proud to stock furniture from some of Canada’s most experienced designers; with pieces available from top brands including JMC Furniture, Monarque & Furniture49.

Regardless of your requirements, we propose a collection of furniture which works in harmony with your staffroom design. This includes desks & chairs, bookcases, furnishing for kitchen & breakout areas, shelving, adjustable shelving & more. We even supply a range of presentation stands for staff meetings, with full mobile options available.

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Staffroom design services by Jonathan Morgan & Company have been chosen by schools, colleges and universities throughout Canada and beyond. To get started with your refreshed, reinvigorated library, fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will get back to you.

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