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Library design is our passion: it’s why we’ve been chosen by schools, colleges & universities in Canada and beyond.

JMC Design specialises in library interior design services across Canada, combining decades of experience and expertise to create libraries, reading rooms and study areas that are vibrant, colourful and fully adaptable.

A library is a special place – a calm sanctuary, a centre of research and a base for interactive learning. It’s the academic heart of every educational establishment. JMC Design specialises in transforming library environments into multi-functional spaces, facilitating areas that house both book-based and electronic learning resources.

Professional Library Interior Design Services

Libraries are houses of knowledge and growth. Jonathan Morgan & Company takes inspiration from the latest trends in interior design to create libraries for the 21st century. From initial consultations through to planning, design, delivery and installation, we’ve got your library design project covered…

Library Design Consultation

Thinking of renovating your library area with a new library design or space plan? Get started the easy way by getting in touch for a free & impartial consultation. During these early stages, the JMC Design team works with you to propose a plan that works within your spatial, budgetary or operational requirements.

As part of our library design consultation we conduct visits to your site to get a true feel for your needs, requirements and educational ethos.


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Library Design & Planning

Once we’ve carried out all consultation stages, our talented team gets to work on designing and planning your ideal library space plan. JMC Design brings together approved feasibility studies & design concepts, plotting a forward-thinking library space plan that facilitates safe, secure learning. This includes a number of considerations for today’s challenges – including spatial planning for social distancing, footfall management and general infection control.

Our library interior design services create learning environments that are fun, vibrant and packed with colour & character. We invite librarians and site managers to get involved in selecting fabrics, finishes & materials, choosing the right vibe for their space. We even make your library design vision a reality with 2D & 3D visualisations and virtual fly-through renderings.


Library Design Building & Installation

Our Library Design Building & Installation stage sees your new library come to life. During this phase, our interior designers will be on-site to complete all renovations & build-outs, installing all framing, modular walls, plumbing, electricity lines and heating, ventilation & air conditioning.

JMC Design pledges to complete the installation of your new library at a rapid pace, minimising any potential disruption. This includes all work on ceilings, floors and windows – along with any improvements to window treatments, information technology (IT) and security infrastructure.


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Library Furniture Supply

No library is complete without a set of vibrant, comfortable and flowing furnishings. Here at JMC Design, we’re proud to stock library furniture from some of North America’s most experienced designers; with pieces available from top brands including JMC Furniture, Monarque & Furniture49.

Regardless of your requirements, we propose a collection of library furniture which works in harmony with your library design. This includes desks & chairs, bookcases, furnishing for reception & lounge areas, shelving, adjustable shelving & more.


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Expert Library Design by Jonathan Morgan & Company

Library design services & library furniture by Jonathan Morgan & Company have been enlisted by schools, colleges and universities from BC to Ontario and beyond. To get started with your refreshed, reinvigorated library, fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will get back to you.

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