Return to the Classroom

Return to the Classroom

The summer break is over and now students are back in the classroom and needing to focus. At Jonathan Morgan and Company’s Educational division, we have teamed up with our suppliers to create solutions to produce balanced learning environments where Healthy Movement and 21st Century Learning is key.

Virco®  for example, the largest manufacturer in North America of classroom furniture, has partnered with experts in child development, sensory integration and environmental adaptations for the purpose of enhancing classroom furniture and designs in positive and impactful ways for all children. Specifically, the aims of our recent collaborations are the following:

  1. Apply specialized knowledge and feedback from experts to the design and arrangement of classroom furniture.
  2. Observe the impact of the introduction of new, sensory-based classroom furniture and designs that support the individualized sensory needs of students to better enable positive behavior and engaged attention.
  3. Assess the preliminary results of introducing sensory supports through classroom furniture and designs for both students and teachers.
  4. Identify and share lessons learned in ways that will increase awareness of the importance of sensory supports for positive behavior and engaged attention at school.

We are enhancing learning by providing furniture with innovative and ground breaking designs that change the way children interact with their environments. We encourage collaborative learning environments with mobile and functional seating that focuses on quality, reliability, safety, style, productivity and affordability.

Based on research, children need to be in motion to learn. The promotion of movement elevates oxygen to the brain resulting in higher brain productivity. As a result, our products have received endorsement from both physiotherapists and occupational Therapists

To find out more about 21st Century Learning environments please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with information and a demo of these innovative educational products.


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