Libraries go GREEN

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Libraries go GREEN

We are getting more conscious of the huge impact we can have towards our environment, if we use more sustainable practices in our day to day activities. Libraries are joining this movement and coming up with better solutions.

What is a Green library?

Green libraries are designed to minimize the negative impact on our planet. They maximize indoor environmental quality using biodegradable products, reducing water waste, using responsible material selection, energy efficiency and innovative design.

green libraries

Cities like Calgary AB are taking action and coming with sustainable building policies to reduce the impact on natural resources. The Crowfoot Library is the first building to be designed and constructed with sustainability features. Some of them are:

1-Low energy and water use

2-Extensive Recycling and material salvage to reduce construction waste

3-Energy star-compliant roof material salvage and louvred windows to cut heat absorption and reduce cooling requirements in the summer months

4-Extensive use of natural daylight to cut down the electricity requirements for illuminating the branch

5-Very low volatile organic compound (VOC) content in paints, carpets and adhesives used throughout the building

Halifax Central Library is another great example to take a look at. Some of the features include:

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1-Computerized building management system that optimizes energy

2-Automatic occupancy and daylight responsive control system that reduces lighting energy use.

3-50% of all wood used in the construction of the library is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as sustainably grown and harvested.

4-Low-emission materials, paints, adhesives, etc.

It is important to share this information, educate our community and invite them to come up with ideas of how to support these changes. How is your library making a change?

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