Adding Pattern

Adding Pattern

Pattern can be a powerful tool in an interior when used properly. Pattern is used to evoke emotion, convey a feeling, reinforce a corporate brand, or to define the style of a space. Pattern is added to a space in the form of fabrics, flooring materials, wall covering and even ceiling and lighting design. Because texture and pattern greatly affect the overall feel of a space it is important to apply it appropriately to achieve a desired feeling. Soft curved lines typically encourage a comforting, soothing and an inviting feeling; where as sharp strait lines can increase awareness, attention, and are more structured.

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in the use of patterned wall coverings in both commercial and residential spaces; I believe its popularity will continue to grow in 2015. To mix patterns effectively try combining patterns that are similar in colour but varying in scale and density. This allows one pattern to become the focal point while the other is there for support.

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