What We’ve Been Doing Wrong

What We’ve Been Doing Wrong

Often when parents and teachers come across a student that has a hard time focusing or sitting still the first thought that comes to mind is “how can I fix what is wrong with them?” Too many times the decided problem with the student is that they are too easily distracted by others around them, the quick solution to that is to remove them from distractions around them separating them from their peers so that they can stay on task.

What we have failed to realize is that the solution to unfocused students is not removing them from the classroom, but it is incorporating a learning style that works for them. There are many different learning styles and we are starting to learn there is a classroom that is inclusive to each one. JM&C offers Balanced Learning Environments that work for the “kids who can’t sit still”,  the students who love to collaborate and everywhere in between!


Transforming classrooms from static to balanced

In a balanced learning environment every students learning style is considered. Traditional classrooms work great for certain students but the reality is for most it simply doesn’t work for them. By providing students with the option to move, to collaborate, or to learn independently we are giving them a greater chance at a successful education.

The future of the classroom is changing and by supplying students with a variety of learning styles within one classroom, we are teaching them to think for themselves and be proactive. The world outside of the classroom requires people to think outside of the box and collaborate and by providing students with a classroom that encourages them to do this, we are giving them a head start.

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