What makes a teacher awesome!

What makes a teacher awesome!

“A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart”


When I think about my years in university, there are only a few teachers I can remember and that I’m still in contact with. I follow them on social media because they are people that inspire me, their words still make an impact on my life when I read them.



Teachers are essentially in charge of our future. The amount of responsibility they have on their shoulders is enormous. So, what makes the difference between a regular teacher and the one that leaves us with a lasting memorable impression? Are the nicest teachers the best? The tough ones? Or neither? Here are some characteristics that I came up with:



Imparting knowledge is not the only responsibility of a teacher. Great teachers have many values like respect, empathy, etc. It is their job to teach, transmit and develop those values to their students.


2-They keep the things interesting: They are creative, they find different ways to teach, every class is an adventure! They talk different, act different and teach different. They keep their lessons real and relevant.


3-They are passionate about their job: You can tell when a teacher loves her/his job. They really take their time to inspire their students. They do their job not only for the paycheck but because they love to do it. Their enthusiasm whenever they explain something is contagious. They are the student’s advocates, always looking for their wellbeing.


4-They connect with their students: Great teachers take the time to know their students. They find the students weakness and recognize their strengths. They make the students feel that they care for them. They understand that in different days, the students would have different needs. They are constantly showing empathy and kindness to them.


5-They expect greatness: They are constantly challenging their students to be the better version of themselves. They make them feel that everything is possible, and they push them beyond their comfort zones.


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