Top Five Emerging Office Trends

Top Five Emerging Office Trends

The start of a New Year seems like as good time as any to say out with the old and in with the new. Which is translated to: knock out the old walls that block all natural light, the separation of departments, and other design elements that are the world’s biggest buzzkill, and in the these creative solutions that will bring your staff together so they can be at their best. Ladies and Gentleman may we present the top 5 office space trends of 2016.

Multi-Purpose work spacesMedia Presentation Centre

The age of the cubicle is over and the open concept has taken over, all with the exclusion of the executive suite. Multi-purpose work spaces are being utilized for everything from t
oo casual breakout areas to multimedia presentations. According to Scott Lesizza, principal at Workwell Partners says “we’ll also see more oval-shaped office desks, which allow for a more convenient place for 4-6 people to meet, as well as a shift toward height adjustable tables for standing meetings.

”Companies who have less square footage can really benefit from the use of multi-purpose spaces. This is being said by using the dining area to be turned into a place for employees to mingle and recharge their batteries. The biggest trend we are seeing at Jonathan Morgan and company is bar height table with pub-style stools to encourage employees to encourage playfulness in the work place and create friendships with co-workers.


High back Lounge SeatingDesignated Lounge Areas

Every person, no matter how great their stress tolerance is, needs to rest. Supporting employee lounge areas is one of the smartest moves an employer can make. If you look at the top tech companies like Google and Apple, they all support employee lounge areas and they are one of the wealthiest companies. By giving your employees time to “chill” at work you are reducing the chance of employee burnout. Offices now days make sure to include a dedicated lounge area to make working more enjoyable.


Community TablesCompany Collaborative meeting Zone

Community table are a great addition to any lounge or dining area. “People are looking for more interaction at work and in other public settings, including restaurants and hotels where large shared tables are making an appearance,” according to Steve Delfino, vice president of Corporate Marketing and Product Management at Teknion. With the digital age booming and people are glued to their digital handcuffs it is a nice way to reach out to others in your workplace. Community tables have been a meaningful part of society for ages now. They are symbols of alliance and communion, which is now becoming an important part of the work place.

Mobile Work Stations

One thing we at Jonathan Morgan & Company is good at preaching the idea of flexibility, and with good reason too. Flexibility is something design experts everywhere are seeing as a continually growing trend as traditional office spaces with pre-planned, permanent layouts are giving way for the constant change in the work landscape. There are so many products on the market now that fit together without rules. Modular elements can be stacked, mixed, flipped, and moved around, offering infinite combinations for collaborative workplaces.

Spaces Organized by ColourColourful Open-Concept Copy Room

There are many opinionated designers out there whom strongly believe that by organizing your workspace by colour it can help your thoughts be more organized. There have been several studies that state colour boots creativity, productivity, and happiness. A lot of office spaces are adding pops of colour and textures in unexpected ways. This makes sense why there is such a wide colour spectrum of office accessories and furniture on the market.



Plan Your Re-Design

Time invested in thoughtful office design is time well spent. In an industry where interacting with technology is commonplace, it is necessary to infuse both nature and human interaction into the workplace to promote productivity and wellbeing.

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