The next generation of classrooms in the digital era

The next generation of classrooms in the digital era

How to adapt our learning environments!


With our new tech era, Parents and teachers are facing the challenge to transition from a traditional classroom to a digital one.

The way that we introduce technology into our learning spaces, is going to create a big impact in the future generations. This goes far beyond computers, it also includes the physical environment that the children are in during the learning process.

The term Collaborative learning has been making a buzz for the past couple of years now, and many companies are now moving to this trend. Effective classrooms are more about creating dynamic learning environments that are filled with pieces of different technology, new form of (digital) literacies; and for the majority of students, it is way more convenient and enjoyable to use compared to the traditional reading handbooks.










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With all this in mind, it is very important to set boundaries and maintain a healthy balance between the use of devices and one-on-one interaction.

Here are 3 helpful pieces of advice on how to transition from Traditional to Digital learning:


Create a Mobile Learning and Online Community


This is becoming so popular and is an ongoing practice for many, this expands the boundaries of the classrooms. E-textbooks, online quizzes, as well as community group where they can interact or reach for help if needed – especially if outside of school.

Remind them about the language Etiquette


Keeping a kind and respectful language at all times should be at the top of the list, as some people tend to communicate differently in writing. Please always use appropriate language.

Smart and Ergonomic Furniture


Healthy movement and collaborative furniture pieces are a must in today’s classrooms. At JM&C we are very passionate about the 21stcentury learning. Take a look at our catalogs for more examples on how you can incorporate smart furniture into your classrooms

How are you incorporating the new era into your classroom?





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