The Importance of Art In The Workplace

The Importance of Art In The Workplace

Artists agree that the presence of art in the work place is equally as important as in our personal spaces. Art helps shape and display a company’s image, beliefs, and values for all to see. Much like a company’s marketing material art is a window into the core being of the company. When selecting art one needs to be aware of the impact such art will have on those who are present in the space. Art can be uplifting, motivating and positive, or art can be boring, dull and drain energy from the space. An office with little or no art is comparable to an office that has poor lighting or is not adequately heated.

A report from the International Art Consultants showed that almost all business owners understand and are aware of the importance of art in the work place – but over half of them admitted that they didn’t have an art budget at all. It is important for business owners to explore creative options when their budget for artwork is low. Buying art from local up and coming artists is a great way to support their own community and can even become a great investment down the road. Renting art is also an economical solution. With the trend of open office spaces growing, wall space to hang art is shrinking. Employers should look to creative ways of displaying art either in the form of a wall mural that can continue across office doors, ceilings, and floors, or the display of digital art.

source credit: Deb Chaney, Contemporary Abstract Artist

Image Source Credit: Deb Chaney, Contemporary Abstract Artist

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