The Westside Senior High

About This Project

Jonathan Morgan & Company worked alongside Kinetic Construction during the construction of The Westside School’s new state-of-the art Miniveristy. The newly opened senior high has taken 21st Century learning by storm and has re-invented the meaning of 21st Century. The result: a modern open learning plan that allows students to take responsibility for their own education. Students can work in their choice of style, whether that be alone, in a small group, or collaborating with a large number of students. No matter their decision there is ample space available to accommodate their needs. JM&C’s talented designers and knowledgeable education specialist worked together to create the space plan and furniture for the open learning area, science lab, reception, social areas, and private offices.

Read more about the Miniveristy on Westside’s website.

21st century learning, collaborative learning, education design

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