Our Talented Designers Pulled It Off…. Again!

Our Talented Designers Pulled It Off…. Again!

Who would have thought that designing a space with real wood product, which our client North American Timber distributes globally for real life applications, could work out so well?  As an Account Manager, I thoroughly enjoyed providing this unique project opportunity to our designers to test their creative skills…

Well, my recommendation is to never test the abilities of our designers because they will always come out the winner and they will prove their professional skills can master any design challenge!

Our design team worked relentlessly with the client to develop the exact ‘natural ‘ style the client required for the space and provided them an opportunity to showcase their beautiful timber.   It was an incredible opportunity to work with product that grows right here in BC!

From the wood entry wall division to the custom wood window valance, our team was able to execute a unique design that combined the natural look and feel of the wood, while incorporating modern finishes like the patterned carpet tile and Artopex office furniture.

Overall, the customer was thrilled with the office design!

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