Our Favourite Chairs Right Now

Our Favourite Chairs Right Now

Let’s talk about the top chair models out right now. Either if you are looking for comfort, style, design or eye-catching, we have them all!

These are great options for your school classroom, workspace and even at home! We are positive they will make your space look perfect.

1- Sage Series C2M 4- Leg Chair










Designed with the idea that sometimes kids need to move and sometimes they don’t, this chair offers the ultimate choice in active, flexible seating with a unique mode selector.

2- Hokki Stools








Sitting on a Hokki Stool means controlled freedom of movement that stimulates the entire musculature system in a variety of ways, PLUS they look cool!

3- Floor Rocker






For some students and tasks, sitting low to the ground may be just what is needed to create a comfortable and effective learning environment.

4-  Co-op Single Work Module










These individual work modules offer a personal zone to counterbalance group-activity, shared areas and deliver a stand-alone solution for today’s adaptable spaces.

5- Savina Lounge










Elegantly crafted, with modern style and exceptional comfort! Perfect for corporate lobbies, hospitality lounges and more!

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