Office Design for Tech companies

commercial interior design

Office Design for Tech companies

As you may notice, the digital world is becoming highly competitive. Canadian tech companies continue to surge and so does the demand for a more modern workspace.

Designing an office has always been about brand interpretation – and there are different ways to do it. Choosing the right colours, furniture, décor, space layout, etc. is key. Everything that can help you reflect who and what your values as a company are.

Interior designers are adapting to the new era, bringing technology and flexible workspaces.


JM&C headquarters is based in Surrey BC, and our designers did a great job with the way they display our brand through space. From our logo in the carpet, the amazing ergonomic furniture in every workstation, our beautiful meeting room, décor and natural lighting.


Commercial interior design


It is very important when doing space planning, to take in consideration that you are going to have extroverted employees as well as people who would prefer to disconnect and work alone. Most tech companies have the option of public and private zones for people that need some alone time to boost their creativity.


Office design is our passion, so we want to share some inspiring ideas that you can use to keep your office up to date:


Bright Collaboration Spaces


There is nothing that brings more creativity that the connection with nature. Having some natural light and views of nature in your meeting area would be ideal, but if your space is closed, you can always bring some lighting that does the job. Having comfortable chairs and a nice meeting table that invites people to take a seat and brainstorm is also important. Check out our projects section for some inspiration.


Ergonomic Furniture


This is very basic, and it’s amazing how lots of offices don’t pay attention to this. Ergonomic furniture is a trend that is not going away, especially in the tech industries.

Lots of tech companies are now including ergonomic desk and chairs. Research has found that having furniture that provides healthy movement (we love Hokki Stools!) every few hours each day can help you improve your posture and avoid back pain and obesity.

You don’t have to have a big budget to have luxury quality, but as mentioned in our previous post, there are many options down there for everyone’s budget.


ergonomic furniture




Have you heard about the five R’s? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair and Rethink. The majority of us spend 8 hours a day in our office space. So it makes sense that tech companies are starting to pay attention to the ways to take care of our planet. At JM&C we have separate trash cans for paper, organic, plastic and regular waste. We also do lots of carpooling and get our organic coffee at the local business next door.


It’s the little things


Have you checked out Instagram heard quarters? Pictures posted in the app everywhere, gelatos served with their symbols, it’s just all about the details! What is your company about? You can find beautiful office décor at antique stores! More options? Wallpapers, art, everything that can reflect your brand in colours or shapes.


Interior design projects


Are you ready to design the workspace you’ve always dreamed of? Give us a call!


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