Montessori VS Play Based Preschool Classrooms

Montessori VS Play Based Preschool Classrooms

Kids are getting ready to come back from their summer break, teachers are doing last minute shopping for their classrooms, while some parents are still debating between which philosophy would be better their kids’ education.

Both Montessori and play-based have supportive learning environments. However, there are certain differences in their space design and classroom methods.

In a traditional play-based environment, a teacher directs the day and is highly focused on time. Their everyday activities run according to a schedule, at a certain time they are in a certain room/space. Kids are around playing and socializing with one another with some teaching in between. You’ll find different classroom sections, like Montessori, including: sensory, house, nature area, reading books, space with blocks and other toys.


Montessori is the reverse, they focus more on space (where the kids are located in the room), but their time is free. These learning environments tend to be calmer and quieter.


When you enter a Montessori classroom, you enter to a “children’s house”. An environment for learning, where children can be their own masters. They can choose their own tasks and activities with some help from their teacher.  On these learning environments you’ll find kids working on tables or on the floor.


Whatever choice you make, the task is to find a preschool that is best for YOUR child. Doctors said that there is no specific diet that works for everyone, same is with schools. Every child is different, every teacher is different and what it can be great for one kid, may not work for the other.


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