Meet Our Interior Designer Mariya!

Meet Our Interior Designer Mariya!

Take a look at our Team!


I want to start a new series on our blog, for you to meet our amazing team! Mariya started at JMC 3 months ago, she is our interior Designer for Commercial/Office Spaces, Recently graduated at the Art Institute of Vancouver. She loves exploring her talent through her work and dedication. Here is a sneak peek!















1-How did you get into Interior Design?

First went to Kwantlen for Marketing Management and absolutely hated it. I couldn’t sit at a desk, read a book and answer questions. I knew I wanted to work with my hands and creativity. I found myself decorating for Halloween, Christmas and family events around the house. During that time, I also figured out I enjoy redecorating my room and coming up with new ideas for storage. (not to mention my parents where into flipping and renovating houses) I ended up looking into the trade online and found the Art Institute of Vancouver. I enrolled November 2015 and graduated December 2017. The rest is history.

2- What is your dream project?

I want to be able to work on a high budget multi-level office building (like Google) with an experienced, well known designer. Like Kelly Hoppen.

3-What are your favourite brands to use on a project?

I like Artopex, Mannington Flooring & Encore Seating.

4- What are your social media channels?

Instagram: @mariyaandrea

5- Any tips on how to start a project?

Make sure you have a clear scope of work that is listed in detail and confirmed by your client. No point to backtrack when you can get everything in the open from the start.

6- What do you attribute your success?

Staying humble and hungry. I have never accepted the position I got into, to be the end. I’m always appreciative of how far I’ve come but always looking for the next big move.

7- What is unique about you?

I’m great at putting myself in other people’s shoes, especially the client. This way I know what I’m working on will be the product both of us visualize.

8- Who are your top 3 Interior Designers?

Kelly Wearstler, Kelly Hoppen, Elsie de Wolfe

9- Have you turned down a client?

Yes. The scope of work was unreasonable for their budget and I couldn’t do what they had requested.

10- If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out what would it be?

Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day. Take your time but make sure you use it wisely.



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