Library Week

library shelving canada

Library Week

This week we celebrate the valuable role libraries, librarians, and library workers play in transforming lives and education. We are happy to be here for them, helping on transforming their spaces and providing them with the furniture they need.

With public spaces closed to the general public, now is the PERFECT time to do any upgrades which require facility closures such as flooring, painting, furniture replacement and shelving reconfiguration! Our crews comply with COVID-19 regulations set out by Worksafe BC and we are ready to have your library post-covid19 ready!

Here are some of our latest library projects:

Cloverdale Library

Metro Vancouver Metrotower 3

library furniture BC
library furniture Canada

Library in Chemainus

library shelving canada

Are you looking to upgrade your library? Give us a call 1.888.856.7800

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