Covid-19 – Helping Students Get Back to School

Covid-19 – Helping Students Get Back to School

Protecting Staff and Students with

Pure-View Screens

Are you taking the right steps to protect your school from the spread of Covid-19?


Schools and libraries across Canada and the North American continent are returning to an unfamiliar academic semester, with new challenged presented by the coronavirus pandemic. As reopening approaces, have you taken the right measures to control the risk of infection? Jonathan Morgan & Company Limited are here to help with Pure-view solutions that are safe, sanitary and unobtrusive.

teachers chair plexiglass screen

Teachers Pure-View Sneeze Screen


Student Pure-View Sneeze Screen

plexiglass screens desk

4-Seat Pure-View Sneeze Screen

In a changing world, our approach to interior design and spatial planning ensures that your normal is as normal as possible. Embedded within several of our products and offering total cutomizability, our Pure-view screens provide the following benefits:


Lightweight & Adaptable

Controlling infection will require frequent moving and fresh considerations around spatial planning. Our preventative Pure-view products are lightweight and highly transportable, meaning that installations can be quickly rearranged to suit a range of schoolroom scenarios.


Total Visibility

Our Pure-view is a totally translucent preventative product, creating safe and hygienic teaching and leaning environments with minimal intrusion. These screens allow a total visibility while facilitating strong levels of ventilation and hygiene.


Totally personalized

Many of our Pure-view barriers come embedded within our products. However, Pure-view barriers are totally adjustable & customisable, with our approved selection of preventative products made to order and totally bespoke according to your requirements.


Easily cleaned

Extremely durable, Pure-view is a preventative solution which is very easy to clean using alcohol based cleaners - all without affecting the integrity of the material.

Here at Jonathan Morgan & Company,
we're here to play our part in the fight against Covid-19 with interior design and furnishing solutions that are safe, functional and cost-effective.

Book your free, onsite Covid-19 Reopening consultation HERE and our expert consultants will be in touch with the next steps!

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