How to cultivate passionate learners

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How to cultivate passionate learners

We all know that we perform better when we are doing what we like to do. Cultivating students who continually want to learn, either inside or outside of the classroom should be the focus for educators.


The questions are: What are teachers and parents supposed to do or say to make this happen? How can we educate ambitious, passionate learners?


The best people to give that answer are the students. Asking them to speak up and share their ideas, pushing creative learning between them, and making them part of the everyday learning process will create that deeper engagement.


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Schools and universities need to see and support the idea that what they learn is as important as how they learn. Showing commitment of cultivating that curiosity and interest in learning into our students is our responsibility.


Involving students in their own education will create this emotional connection with learning that will help them to retain the information better. How? Well, studies have shown that people tend to be more interest in things that they think were their idea.

Allowing them to come up with a solution for their learning needs will create this excitement within them, and could make you a better teacher.


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On Pernille Ripp’s book “Passionate learners (Eye of education)” she promotes creating a positive, interactive learning environment where students drive their own academic achievement, calling them “students in their own classrooms”.She also talks about building a relationship with the students based on mutual trust, respect and appreciation. If the students trust their teacher, they will follow their example and will become inspired to learn and create the mindset of “I want to know more”.


Training people to come up with the best techniques for them to learn and cultivate a love of learning is what will make the difference in our future.

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