How to create an “I want to go to work” office space

How to create an “I want to go to work” office space

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In our previous articles, we talked about how much impact your office design has in the productivity, creativity, and health of your employees. Keeping your place updated not only is going to maintain the value of your property, but it will also help to keep your team happy.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend a million dollars on the aesthetics but instead concentrate on creating and an extraordinary workspace that contains this 3 different zones: Space for work, Space for Socialize and a Space to Think.

Here is some advice from our team to create an awesome “I want to go to work” office space:


*Natural Lighting


Just think about it, if your office doesn’t have the correct light your employees are going to feel tired and lazy, which means they are going to take more breaks during the day and that is going to cost money to your company. Picture by Pinterest.














*Comfy and fun Furniture


Keeping your employees healthy and happy could bring so much to your business. If I ask you to picture an office space, I can bet that you automatically think of those uncomfortable chairs and ugly tables. However, if you enter a space that is unusual, bright and fun, it will make your brain have a different reaction when coming to work. ( Call us for this chair and more! )









*Creativity Place


Why do you think Google is one of the best companies to work for? Apart from giving their employees the freedom of how to work, they have spaces that stimulate the creativity of their team. We tend to get more inspired when we are away from our desk. ( For more options, check out our Catalogs ).















This is important to maintain a good “home” feeling in the ambiance. Beautiful décor doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find beautiful treasures even at the dollar store! Check our previous blog post about it














*Collaboration Spaces


Creating a good and healthy work environment makes the things better for everyone. Designing a physical space to encourage collaboration is a must. This doesn’t have to be a meeting room, it can be a nice cafeteria or library – the options are endless.


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