What does the workplace of the future look like?

What does the workplace of the future look like?

As the speed of technology changes, so as the majority of the office design spaces these days!


We are starting to see a generation that is more demanding and selective of their employers. From being stuck working 9-5 in small enclosed cubicles, employees are moving to a fast-phased and always on the go scenario.

With these changes in mind, many companies are now stepping up the game and slowly incorporating new things to attract the many creative individuals. We think that in the future, people will not going to have to be at the office regularly. Offices are going to be just for employees to meet for a couple hours or so and touch base with one another.

What is next is the “Eco-friendly” design, as many countries are very much concerned and aware of the current state of the environment. Also, we are going to see more a “homey feel” and disability friendly workspaces.

We are starting to see a change of trends where employees or even the employers are bringing in their pets to work (as we all know pets, especially dogs, are one of the best stress relievers!). Technology-wise, more companies are now leaning towards laptops and tablets versus the old desktop computers – and this is just the beginning!













Photo by: Arabnet

Employees are going to have access to areas that meet their demands during the day, for example: “hot desking” –  mobile and adjustable desks, where people can move freely, hop from one station to another. Rooms controlled by apps, natural features, spaces that boost the creativity and enhance people’s performance.

Work-life balance is going to be a big priority for the new generation. Childcare, Gym, are some of the new features we are now seeing.













Photo by CNN

The big question is, are we going to be replaced by robots in the near future?

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