How do colors influence learning?

How do colors influence learning?

We have a reaction to colors every day. On a traffic light, warning signs, websites, and nature so it does makes sense that color will have an effect on our learning process.

I’m not a teacher or a psychologist and there is way too much information online with research that mentions this topic that it’s hard to know where to start.









So, I just want to highlight 5 things that I learned from my google research that does makes sense to me on how colors influence learning.

  • Yellow is the most prominent color humans see.
  • For academic environments, colours should be chosen based on the age of kids.
  • Wall color is one the largest physical components in a classroom.
  • It is a great tool for teaching vocabulary.
  • Color needs to be a focus on cognitive and not decorative purpose while designing a classroom


Do you take this into consideration for your school classrooms, training rooms, etc? Or do you just go with the color white with everything?


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