Effective communication within the classroom

classroom communication

Effective communication within the classroom

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said”


Communication plays a key role in effective relationships. Effective communications in all ways (verbal, facial expression, the tone of voice, etc.) can help improve the student’s behaviour and help them better process the information. Remember that it is not only what you said, but how you say it.


Your students can have great scores in their test, however, the information is not always understood. Some students have difficulty learning a specific subject, not because they don’t have the capacity, but because of the language and terminology used.


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Here are some tips on how to improve communication within your classroom:


Take a moment to think before you talk


What are your key messages? Why do you need to share this information with them? How is this information going to make them feel? What is the purpose of your message? Ask yourself all these questions before talking to them.




Use language that shows empathy, respect, and is appropriate to their age. Make sure to make eye contact. Show confidence and enthusiasm when delivering the message. Remember that the message must be clear and concrete.


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A good communicator knows when to stop and listen. It shouldn’t be just one-sided communication. When it’s time for you to listen, never interrupt the speaker, encourage communication, build rapport. Teachers can do several exercises to develop listening skills, like reading a story when the students must give feedback afterwards.


Words are nothing without actions


Make sure that what you say and what you do remains close. The credibility of a communicator is based on facts and actions.


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Get external feedback


My previous boss used to do this exercise with me, and it was so helpful to get feedback about the way I was communicating with my team. Having a mentor that is honest and gives you constructive feedback would help you to achieve better results when transmitting a message.




A teacher’s job is to care about the progress of their students and they should often talk about this with them. Consistent communication would prevent misunderstandings and future concerns.



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