Dr. Breithecker Presents

Dr. Breithecker Presents

Dr. Breithecker

On Wednesday, May 8, Dr. Breithecker joined us all the way from Germany to help us learn more about how movement in the classroom can aid in student in engagement. Dr. Breithecker is widely published on the subject of Ergonomics for Children and Human Workstations. As an international expert he has presented throughout Europe, Asia, Indonesia, North America, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Breithecker emphasized how the prolonged sedentary behavior during workday has negative consequence regardless of the benefits of physical activity, and to sit less, move more!

He also spoke to the fact that our senses are not prepared for the digital revolution, and that sitting makes you stupid – sitting is the new smoking! Furthermore, when we don’t carry out healthy movement we don’t release hormones responsible for the balance of sugar.

We very much thank Dr. Breithecker for leading an engaging presentation and discussion, and thank all of those in attendance!

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