Do you implement mini-lessons in your classroom?

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Do you implement mini-lessons in your classroom?

A child’s life is transformed within the classroom.


Teachers are responsible for much more than just academic enrichment. Their classrooms are the second home. The place where kids will learn not only math but also important life lessons.


A mini-lesson is a short lesson that will have a small idea, that later on will become a larger concept or skill. It will be the focus in one specific subject and it will be practical and last from 10 – 20 minutes, making them perfect to fill those extra minutes left after a class is finished.


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They are many subjects that you can use, the most common ones are reading and writing, that can be taught individually, in a small team or to the whole classroom.


Another great area for mini-lessons is real-life skills, that will help them become more successful outside the classroom. An example of these can be a mini-lesson that has to do with the environment (talk about the planet, eco-friendly solutions, etc.) or finance, time management, organization, etc.


The method you use to present these lessons needs to be to the point and quick. Usually, the main components of a mini-lesson are:


* Connection

* Teaching

* Engagement

* Link (Where you connect the lesson or concept to something else)


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Using direct and indirect opportunities to incorporate these can bring a lasting impact to your team!


What is your favourite mini-lesson to teach?


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