Design Your Space for Each Personality Style!

Design Your Space for Each Personality Style!

Public spaces (including the classroom, social areas and the office) are full of people with different backgrounds and personalities. No two personalities are exactly the same — that’s why educators and managers must learn how to deal with personalities to avoid conflicts and enhance the environment for the collective group.  If personality and learning styles can be identified, you could potentially design your space to each group in order to maximize productivity and create better work, learn, play environments.

Detailed classification is not necessary when identifying personality types.   Instead, note the broad characteristics of each person’s personality. For instance, you might find that your office contains high-energy workers who are enthusiastic, pessimistic workers who are critical, perfectionists who are concerned about small details and natural leaders who take command in most situations. Each personality type requires a different technique and can benefit from different interior designs and furnishings.

Here at JM&C, we think that the best way to enhance the work and learning styles of each individual is to design a space that is designed with every personality type in mind. Whether you are an outgoing energetic individual or soft spoken and independent we believe your work or learning environment should be designed with your personality type in mind.  This makes each individual feel more comfortable in their environment and they will greatly appreciate the thought that was put into making that choice.

Take our personality test to see where you fit and how Jonathan Morgan and Company can build a space designed with every personality type in mind, and for more visit our website

TAKE THE 3 MINUTE TEST NOW!  Have a pen and paper ready to write down your answers.

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