Converting your library into a fun Learning Commons

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Converting your library into a fun Learning Commons

Convert your library into a space that promotes learning and collaboration!


I’m sure by now you are familiar with what learning commons are, but in case you are not, here is an explanation. Now that we don’t need a physical place to go to have access to information, school libraries are transitioning into a place where students and teachers gather to collaborate, socialize and learn. There is a big evolution in library design and how space is planned, from ergonomic furniture to technology.



If you are ready for the change, then here are some tips and tricks to transform your school library into a fun and happy learning common environment:


Space Planning


This is a key. Learning Commons are open areas that are inviting to the students and divided into 3 different areas that include: collaborative, social and self-directed learning areas. The collaborative zone is a teamwork area, a space to discuss and exchange ideas. The social is more casual, comfortable one, the area to enjoy some beverages and snacks. The self-learning is the space where they are going to use to study on their own. Every space has to be flexible and adaptable. If your school library has access to an outdoor space, you can also include these areas in the patio!




There are still some schools that they would see technology as a treat, however, if you think about it, students right now haven’t been in a time where technology hasn’t existed. They were born in a digital era and must learn to use technology that will help them to succeed in their future. Some of the tech tools you’ll need for your space includes: iPad, Laptops, iPods and software (like D2L, Iris, etc.)




One of the most important elements to take in consideration when moving to a learning commons is without a doubt the furniture you are going to use. 21st-century furniture like Hokki stools, Animal-shaped chairs and whiteboard tables can help the students to adapt to their different activities within the commons. Also, for collaborative furniture, you can use some round tables, soft seating, café tables and stools.


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