BIOPHILIA: Bringing Nature into your Workspace

BIOPHILIA: Bringing Nature into your Workspace

BIOPHILIA is the new black!

Health trend is stronger than ever! The changing position throughout the work day to increase one’s well-being has started to be a massive thing since last year, up to this day, bringing nature into our workspace is “the new black.”

If you haven’t heard about Biophilia, it is a word you are about to start hearing a lot more, as it is becoming a popular trend for Interior Designers. The Biophilia hypothesis (from Wikipedia) suggests that “humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life”.












It’s been used for years to create a psychological “feeling good” effect at our homes, and now it’s gaining popularity in workplaces and schools.

What are the benefits of Biophilic Office Design?

1-Better Productivity

2-Less Absenteeism

3-Workplace Engagement

4-Relieves mental fatigue

5-Boosts creativity












Are you thinking about bringing this new design trend to your office or school? Here are some ideas that won’t break your budget:


2-Natural light (You can arrange your desk to face the outside)

3-Wood/Natural finishes

4-Neutral color palette

How are you bringing nature to your space?


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