Are You Looking for More Out of a Design/Build/Furnish Company?

Are You Looking for More Out of a Design/Build/Furnish Company?

Well, we’ve heard the demands from our clients to post a blog about our business successes, challenges, and exciting new trends in design and furniture, so we are excited to officially launch the JM&C company blog.

What can I tell you about the industry in 2014?

With office vacancy rates in Vancouver predicting a more tenant friendly future, businesses are starting to think about their lease rates, space requirements and evaluating if now is a good time to negotiating for those much need tenant improvements. Many new businesses are opening in the lower mainland and many existing businesses are wanting to gain a competitive edge, which is creating a growing need for the industry’s commercial building design, renovation and furniture services. Many companies are utilizing our services to discuss their need to reconfigure space, create more interactive work/learn/play environments and assist them with coordinating a project from conception to completion.

Market Overview - Downtown Vancouver

What trends are we seeing? 

The biggest trend in 2014 is the move from closed office space into more open and interactive environments that promote communication and collaboration along with the integration of all types of work and learning styles. Because the design concept has changed, so must the furniture. Managers are now seeking 21st century furniture that promotes mobility, flexibility and interaction to help create that ideal work environment.


How can we help?

We like to think of ourselves as design and furniture experts. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable about changes in design led thinking and able to bring innovative thinking to any space we plan, construct or furnish. We love to help clients find solutions to their space! There is no space that we can’t handle. Utilizing our past experience, amazing design staff and accountable project management skills, we can provide you with not only a beautiful space, but an experience that you’ll enjoy.

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