5 Ways to create a classroom community

classroom community

5 Ways to create a classroom community

A community is a group of people who come together for a common purpose.


Creating one within your classroom, where everyone supports each other and feels welcome is one of the best things teachers can do to build a stronger team. Having different cultures, experiences and abilities, to share with one another will benefit your students and will make them feel important. Here are some tips of how to create a community within your classroom:


1-Welcome email before the first day


I received a welcome email from my teacher’s daughter a week before the class started, with all the reminders and things to have prepared, and I felt so grateful and welcome, that I thought this needed to be on the top of the list when creating your community.


2-Morning Meetings


These check-in meetings are essential to keep the students updated, build relationships and keep the communication flowing every day. It is the time where they can listen to each other’s points of views, speak and clear any differences. Also, you can include mini-lessons.


3-Establish shared agreements and rules


Having rules is so important to maintain the order, respect and good spirit within the team. Having the students help you to come up with the classroom rules would make them feel included and it will be easier for them to follow.

classroom rules

4-Build a sense of comfort


Having positive relationships within their team will help them achieve that comfort zone and have a better attitude. Icebreaker games can help them to find out more about each other and feel more comfortable when they arrive in the classroom.


5-Give them teamwork time


Moving their desk together to allow them to brainstorm and socialize will help develop better communication and collaboration skills in your students.



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