University Space Planning

University Space Planning

Do you judge a university based on their facilities?

Having an efficient campus space is the best way to ensure that the specific needs of academic and administrative units are met, but also plays an important role on how people perceive the status of the university/college.











To spend money on their structures, is to ensure the continued recruitment of students and not just any students BUT the best students.

Please view the following link provided and take a look at the $180 million dollars that the university of New Mexico was planning to spend in their renovations back in 2016:

Students now demand that spaces should be based in personal interaction that create opportunity for collaboration to boost creativity. At the same time, the architects need to make sure to design a space that reflect the institutional values.  With this in mind, how can we develop an effective space plan with all these requirements?









Here are our top 5 tips:

*Analyse the space of utilization

*Repairing whatever needs to be fixed

*Create innovating spaces

*Create a space that works for any age, gender, etc.

*Embrace Technology (TEAL) classrooms.

Take a look at our projects for some college/university space planning inspiration:



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