5 Reasons of why to hire an Interior Designer

5 Reasons of why to hire an Interior Designer

You know we talked about the Spring cleaning? Yes, that has been the topic lately, you start thinking about that interior design project, your office space, reorganizing furniture, etc.

But adding more to your already super busy schedule is not something that makes you excited, and my guessing is that you would like to enjoy the sunny weekends with family and friends instead of painting and planning, so let me solve the problem for you: Interior designers.















I know some people when they think about Interior design they automatically think about their house, but hey, you spent 8 hours or more at your office, why not to have a space that goes with your workaholic lifestyle and bring some comfort and joy? I asked that question to my friends, and they said because they cannot afford an interior designer, so I asked them if they have ever contacted one, and the answer was no.

Let me share with you my top 5 reasons, why you should hire an Interior Designer:


1- You save money: Yes! At JMC we offer a FREE consultation, and who wouldn’t want this? Because your space needs to be carefully planned out to function how it should, PLUS you want a design that will increase the value of your property don’t you? (Especially if you live in Vancouver area).

2- They know how to play with the budget: Majority of Interior Designers have the best connections that can offer you the better deals! If you are on a tight budget, they will make the best of it.

3- Their Creativity: They are trained for this, they know what has to be done, so you don’t have to stress about it.

4- Saves you time: Instead of spending those 10 hours looking at your Pinterest and doing never-ending research on google about contractors, fabrics, etc. they do all of this for you!

5- They bring your ideas together: They are going to plan a space based on your taste and lifestyle, and will make sure that it’s aligned with your goal.


Contact one of our designers for a FREE consultation here: https://www.jmcdesigninteriors.com/services/


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