PureView Screens

20” deep x 25” wide x 24” high Acrylic Screen
-Fits a typical student desk

Clear sneeze screen barrier prices

1-29 sets 30-99 sets 100-499 sets 500+ sets
39.99 each 34.99 each 29.99 each 24.99 each

Here at Jonathan Morgan & Company, we’ve been proud to assist customers across Canada with functional and safe solutions to create teaching & learning environments that are happy and productive. We’ve received lots of queries about our PureView screens, barriers and Sneeze Guards. Check out some of our most frequently-asked questions below!

Are JM&C’s PureView Screens suitable to facilitate an added level of protection in learning environments, such as classrooms?

Yes. JM&C’s PureView products provide a clear physical barrier layer, creating safe and hygienic learning environments with minimal intrusion.

Can your PureView screens be personalised?

Yes. PureView barriers are totally adjustable & customisable, with our approved selection of preventative products made to order and totally bespoke according to your requirements. Installations can be quickly rearranged to suit a range of schoolroom scenarios.

Are JM&C’s PureView screens a cost-effective means of infection control?

Yes. Our PureView screens are available from only $24.99 and are easily cleaned without affecting the integrity of the material.

What material are JM&C’s Sneeze Guards for student desks made from?

Our Sneeze Guards are made from PET plastic and can be recycled

How durable are JM&C’s Sneeze and Guards?

Our shields are 1.5mm thick, offering durability at an affordable price.

Are JM&C’s Sneeze Guards streak-free?

Yes. Our Sneeze Guards are streak-free and can be used as marker boards with dry erase markers.

Is there a warranty on my Sneeze and Guard purchase, and if so, what are the details?

Yes. Sneeze Guards by Jonathan Morgan offer a 1-year warranty from manufacturer’s defects.

Do JM&C’s Sneeze Guards attach to tables and desks?

Yes. The guards attach to tables and desks with 6,75 mm Adhesive T clips. The screens can also be permanently glued into the T clips if required.

If there was a large purchase, is JM&C’s manufacturing facilities equipped to meet the demand?

Yes, we could supply any quantity of these if required. Contact us to discuss your order today.

I am interested in purchasing PPE supplies to protect visitors to my school or library. Can JM&C help?

Yes. Beyond our comprehensive selection of PureView-protected furniture, we also offer a range of PPE including mask, gloves and visors.

I’m unsure what steps to take to protect myself, staff, students and visitors as we enter the new normal. Can JM&C help?

Yes. We’re proud to offer free onsite Covid Reopening Consultations, helping you to identify the best solutions to facilitate social distancing & infection control.

Can JM&C assist in remodelling my school or library for the new normal?

Yes – it’s interior design as usual at Jonathan Morgan & Company. Our interior designers and furniture dealers are on-hand to create healthy, functional spaces of learning that don’t sacrifice on style.

How should I approach hygiene and cleaning processes when I reopen?

  • PureView products should be cleaned using mild dish soap only.
  • When cleaning clear screens always be sure to use a soft, non-abrasive cloth, such as a microfiber or lint free cloth, and apply light pressure only. Never use paper towels as it will scratch.
  • DO NOT USE window cleaner, products with ammonia, or other harsh chemicals to clean your clear plastic or acrylic surface.
  • DO NOT USE any abrasive or scouring powder to clean acrylic or clear plastic.
  • USE ONLY VERY SOFT AND DAMP CLOTHS when cleaning your acrylic or clear plastic surface.
  • DO NOT USE SOLVENTS to clean or remove any sticky or gummy materials from acrylic or clear plastic surfaces.
  • We advise to not use the same cloths you use to clean your other materials to also clean your acrylic. Using a new or separate cloth will help prevent scratches from dirt or debris picked up by other cloths.
  • Use a special acrylic cleaner or distilled water and a soft microfiber cloth to gently clean smudges and fingerprints from your acrylic and clear plastic surfaces.

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